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Hygge 3012

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Time – reimagined
The Hygge 3012 series introduces simple and clear indication of time, with two hand discs providing a recognizable symbol that translates into its character and functionality. The simplified stainless steel case is thought-out to the last detail providing a calm environment to view the display. The level of quality extends to all manufacturing processes and materials, mechanical design and design details that have been chosen with care to provide a product that is comfortable, functional and durable in use.
The design process started from the basic form of the watch face, where the goal was to find a user-friendly and unique way of representing time. The result is a simple, functional and aesthetic product where each design detail has been crafted to highlight the display. The logic of the watch face is simple; the bottom disk indicates hours and top disk minutes.
The innovative crown construction further reduces unnecessary distractions while viewing the watch face. The crown is placed inside the case still allowing it to be pulled out when necessary. The stainless steel case is sandblasted to provide a beautiful matte finish in both silver and black. The 3012 is a unisex series that is available in five models with a distinct selection of colors.


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